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Whatsapp Aero WhatsApp Air is a well-known WhatsApp mod, created by Bozkurt Hazar. It is currently known for its themes, implementation, and UI presence. It is mainly based on Fouad Mods and is known as Aero WA. It is likewise a popular WhatsApp mod.
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Whatsapp Aero Apk

These days there are countless variants of WhatsApp and it becomes hard to conclude which one you ought to get. In this article, we will cover the subtleties of WhatsApp Aero to provide you with a superior thought of what it brings to the table. To put it plainly, we let you know that this app adaptation offers every one of the highlights that you may search for in the present moment. So getting this application will be a brilliant decision.

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You will get better speed and better execution of your WhatsApp messenger with this application. There is a quick conveyance of text and free downloading of status. It additionally arranges your WhatsApp information into various organizers so you can see reports, voice accounts, texts, and so on independently. Presently how about we look at these different elements of WhatsApp Aero APK underneath?

Highlights of WhatsApp Aero

Whatsapp Aero has many highlights that make it the most ideal form of WhatsApp to browse among all the others on the web today. We can list limitless advantages of this application however perusing it will require a great deal of your investment so to make it short we have recorded underneath just hardly any significant highlights among any remaining astonishing elements of this application. . So look at these elements of WhatsApp Air application beneath.

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Freeze last seen

Freeze your keep going seen on WhatsApp with this great application. You can stop when you last checked a message from the source and they will think when you saw their message. You could see the message a couple of days prior regardless showing them that you have seen their message today through this new element of WhatsApp.


100 photograph is permitted to be sent

In Aero WA, you can share up to thirty photographs on the double. You can send very nearly 100 photographs to anybody you like on WhatsApp Aero. Presently with this new alteration of WhatsApp, you can send and get around hundred pictures easily. You can send or get them at high velocity and the pixels won’t be annihilated.

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Custom updates

As a result of the following update that is going to be added to your application on your gadget, you will not need to check the latest reports on the site and welcome the infection in the process. , rather you will naturally get every update safely. from the designers. You will be entertained by this large number of surprising updates of Aero WA as they constantly include innovative elements that keep you engaged.

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Pin More Chats

The application will allow you to make as many visits as you want. In the first application, you can do this with some interaction. In this application only three chats are allowed in Whatsapp, you can stick to as many chats as you want. This allows you to see messages from your #1 people or groups first. You will not have to face the problem of your conversation disappearing in the flood of messages you normally receive on your WhatsApp application.

Automatic reply

This component included the first WhatsApp for business accounts only at the time. Be that as it may, currently it is also accessible for general records. Essential records on this app can likewise plan a programmed message to be sent to a person you contact. At this point, you can set up an automated message to let people know when you’re busy or away.


ย Is WhatsApp Aero 100% secure?

WhatsApp Aero Apk is a 100 percent safe application to download and use.

ย How can I send automatic replies on Whatsapp?

You can send custom replies on Whatsapp by downloading Whatsapp aero. This application will allow you to send messages to anyone as a result.

Can I get WhatsApp Aero apk free?

You can get this application free from our site. You want to see ‘How to download and install WhatsApp Aero’ for this.


There are elements of auto text, automatic updates, more visits, lots of photo sharing, and quite a lot more. This WhatsApp has changed the form which has come out late and will give you what you want. It will not disappoint you and you are bound to love it more than any other WhatsApp application. Drop down your remarks on the off chance that you want to get some information about this great WhatsApp Aero.

Whatsapp Aero v19.45.1 ( Mod Apk, Free) - PEARLMODAPK

Whatsapp Aero WhatsApp Air is a well-known WhatsApp mod, created by Bozkurt Hazar. It is currently known for its themes, implementation, and UI presence. It is mainly based on Fouad Mods and is known as Aero WA. It is likewise a popular WhatsApp mod.

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