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Cooking Fever Mod Apk ( Unlimited Coins and Gems ) – No Ads – (Unlimited XP)

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Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a cooking game where you oversee a variety of fast food items. You need to serve clients as fast as can be expected, making sure they go home happy.
GameCooking Fever Mod Apk
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Everything Unlocked / Latest Version / Unlimited XP / No Ads
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  • Cooking Fever Mod Apk Latest Version
  • Cooking Fever Mod Apk No Ads
  • Cooking Fever Mod Apk Unlimited XP

What Is Cooking Fever Mod Apk?

Cooking Fever Apk is a fun game presented by Nordcurrent. It tests your time in a fast-paced environment using productive and ranked skills. You start the game with a small bistro equipped with the most essential kitchen machines. As you progress, you unlock new hardware and recipes.

The goal is to serve your clients quickly and guarantee that they are consistently happy. Along these lines, you will have more cash flow that will come in handy when updating your business. In case you feel weak in the knees to cook or maintain a business in general, this game is for you. It will clean up your management skills while still offering plenty of tome folly.

Game Features

Here you will find every thrilling highlight that the game brings to the table:

Discover all the useful and common ingredients

To start their cooking career, players in Cooking Fever Mod Apk will have the opportunity to learn everything they need to know about fixing. Familiarize yourself with over 200 unique types of fixations by learning about their preferences, their goals, and how to dominate them. Advance your cooking nuts and bolts by spending quality time in Cooking Fever ( Unlimited XP ).

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Collect new recipes and keep them in your notes

Moreover, in this game, you are also familiar with modified cooking recipes. Get perhaps the best recipes straight from the world’s most famous cooks. Work on cooking with north of 500 unique dishes using the given fixings. Have some great dinners with your new dishes.

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Time-Effective Game Play

Along with Cooking Fever Apk, players are also familiar with creating a habit using time-generating interactions where they have to painstakingly calculate time. Burn in no time getting your clients to their seats and never let them stand too long. Rely on the amazing cooking game as you prepare your flourishing outfits.

Unlocked Everything

Also, the best thing about Cooking Fever Mod Apk is that the game will acquaint gamers with huge guides where you can go between various areas.

City restaurants

Begin by ruling the city by opening every single accessible cafรฉ. Catch on quickly food by building your inexpensive food court. Sell dessert shop in your bread kitchen. Find out about China’s way of life at a Chinese eatery. Cook Indian-style food at Indian Cafe. Some of the time it would be really smart to go out for some pizza at a pizza joint. Pick your #1 fish at the Fish Bistro. Have your morning espresso at the morning meal bistro. Find out about Japanese food at a sushi cafรฉ. Lastly, taste the best food inside a connoisseur cafรฉ.

Paradise Islands restaurants

With the city behind you, you’ll have valuable chances to journey to the wonderful islands. Begin with your frozen yogurt bar then, at that point, continue toward the Heaven Mixed drink Bar. Have some American culture with your corn canine van. Taste the new Bistro Mexicana. Find out about fish at the Place of Crab. Invest energy in baking at Nightfall Waffles. Encountering Asian road food with your Thai food slow down. Or on the other hand, Westernize with a sandwich shop. Lastly, we should enjoy Sarataki Tourna.

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High Mountain Cafe

Travel to the fantasy objective and begin starting your business in the grand snow mountains. Partake in the view as you have some heavenly meat from Smokey Barbecue bar-b-que. Experience an Italian-style buffet on a peak. Become environmentally viable and go to the self-service counter. Get some flavorful espresso at Michelle’s Bistro. Or then again take a stab at something sweet with Michelle’s Dessert shop.

Play through the most rewarding levels

The game presents more than 900 different energizing levels for gamers to appreciate. As you travel to various areas, you will likewise have chances to investigate the top to bottom interactivity it brings to the table. Likewise, you can pick the right trouble to match your ongoing abilities. Complete your levels and acquire significant prizes.

Update your kitchen Appliances and Decorate your Restaurant.

Invest your energy investigating the top-to-the-bottom kitchen board interactivity as you figure out how to update your kitchen hardware and design your wonderful eatery. Open additional cooking highlights and draw in additional clients to your cafรฉ. Set out to utilize your innovativeness and stylish abilities and design your eatery in the manner in which you like it.

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Free To Play

The game is presently allowed to play for all Android clients to appreciate. And that implies you can without much of a stretch download and introduce it on your gadgets. What’s more, if you’re sufficiently patient, in-application buys and promotions won’t be a very remarkable issue.


Cooking Fever Mod Apk emerges with a distinct story. Gamers need to go through more than 1400 levels to earn the Top Cook identity. In addition, you can run your food and drink in 27 different areas on a guide and cook more than 1300 dishes using 350 unique fixings. Likewise, you can update your kitchen and various frills including the interior and appliances.

Go ahead and improve your common consumables like Espresso Creators, Popcorn Producers, and Pizza Stoves to meet clients’ demands within time. Cooking Fever Apk is designed with eye-catching 3D illustrations. Almost certainly, many tasty dishes are intended to look practical. Frankly speaking, cooking fever is attractive to individuals and all genders alike.


Cooking Fever Mod Apk ( Unlimited Coins and Gems ) - PEARLMODAPK

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a cooking game where you oversee a variety of fast food items. You need to serve clients as fast as can be expected, making sure they go home happy.

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